The Upper Canada Minor Hockey League is governed by District 1. District 1 consists of the Associations of North Leeds, Athens, Brockville, Smith Falls, Kemptville, South Grenville, South Dundas, North Dundas and the RSL Kings Association. All Associations of District 1 except for the RSL Kings play in the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League. Upper Canada Minor Hockey League also entertain Perth and teams from District 2 as guests in their League.

Game play is offered at the following levels:

  • Novice B & C House. There is no body checking at the Novice level.
  • Atom B & C House and Rep B. There is no body checking at the Atom level.
  • Peewee B & C House and Rep B. There is no body checking at the Peewee level.
  • Bantam B & C House and Rep B. Rep B plays body checking. B & C House is non-checking.
  • Midget, Minor, Major, B House. Minor & Major midget play body checking. House does not have body checking.

The Mandate of Upper Canada Minor Hockey is to work towards the development and improvement of minor hockey. To provide a healthy form of recreation for youth through participation in organized hockey at a level of competition best suited to the individual players' capabilities and interest; to develop and encourage sportsmanship among all participants, officials, spectators and players alike, for the betterment of their social, physical and mental well being.

Upper Canada Minor Hockey League strives to make the game a positive experience for players and parents. We hope you have a rewarding hockey season.


  • *** A reminder to all, please inform your home association ice scheduler/referee in chief and association division director of ANY and ALL game changes for both your home games and away games ***
    This will ensure all parties are aware of the changes and will decrease the chance of officials NOT in attendance for your league games.
Important Dates for the 2015–2016 Season
UCMHL Schedules Released Oct. 6, 2015
First Day of Regular Season League Play Oct. 13, 2015
Christmas break (no hockey unless agreed to play between both coaches/teams) Dec. 24, 2015–Jan. 1, 2016
Season resumes Jan. 2, 2016
Last Day of Regular Season League Play Feb. 13, 2016
Playoffs – Round 1 – Quarter Finals Feb. 14–25, 2016 (4 games/4 points)
Playoffs – Round 2 – Semi Finals Feb. 26–Mar. 4, 2016 (4 games/4 points)
Playoffs – Round 3 – UCMHL Division CHAMPIONSHIPS Mar. 5–Mar. 13 (4 games/4 points)
March Break (no hockey) Mar. 13–Mar. 19, 2016
Playoffs – Round 4 – UCMHL League Championships Mar. 20 – 30, 2016 (5 games/5 points)
Last Day of 20156–2016 Season Mar. 31, 2016
  • NOTICE: Please email your convenor game results as soon as the game is finished. At the same time, allow your convenor some time to update the UCMHL website as convenors have volunteered their time for this position and may be either working parents or students attending school full time. If you do not see the result posted within a few days, then resend to your appropriate convenor.
    Barb Levere should be contacted ONLY if there are misconducts/suspensions issued during the game. Barb does not need to received team communication for changes/updates and results if none of the above has occurred.
    Thank you and have a great season.

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